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27 de dezembro de 2008
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23 de janeiro de 2009

Use how manys blogroll do you want in your site, and put everything your place.

Just put the name of link category that you like to show, and then everything is ready.

Here is the file


Update: Sorry for the late.. New release.. 1.2… bug fix

Update 0.1: I was a little out of time, but its fixed the updated problem, now I’m working to put all categories to show and you can select with one you wanted to put in the widget (I know… my english is terrible)

Update 1.0: Just included the source-code in the github. Check here. Will have an update about all the issues until the end of this week. (Thinking of redoing the code).

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  1. Osama Zaid disse:

    hello boss,

    i tried it and it is working fine..

    thank you very much..

    just one small issue, i don’t know from where is the problem but i thunk it is a small bug in the plugin:

    When i add a widget and i wrote the : Widget Title & Category Blogroll.. after that, if i want to chage the category, i update it but it will not be saved, if i refresh the page, i will keep seeing the old blogroll category…

    i hope this could help you re-produce it to check.,

    Best Regards,,,,

    please keep me updated for any further update 🙂

  2. Rafael Zamana disse:


    thanks for report this issue…

    I’ll see what is happening and post a new version.

    Thanks for support

  3. Keri disse:


    I really like the plugin. However, it seems to be re-ordering my links and I’d like to keep them alphabetical (wordpress default). Is there a way to keep the standard order? I’m comfortable changing the code if you tell me what to change.



  4. Rafael Zamana disse:


    Sorry for this issue, I don’t have such time for fixing, but I already made this correction.

    I’m starting to think about a way for this ordering. But for now I put the name order.

    Thanks for reporting


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  6. ernesto disse:

    when I installed your plugin and asked it to use “Blogroll” as my category (I have three categories), it does not save. My page shows “No Blogroll links” even though I did put one link in the chosen category. After I save and the edit the “current widgets” what I saved simply does not show up!

  7. ernesto disse:

    Also, I added a new category and tried that one with a link in it. It does not save either…

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  9. mediacrush disse:

    I am trying to solve a situation for a client where there is a need for Subcategories and subs of subs in the Blogroll…can this plug in accomplish that?

    Thank you
    Peace and be well


  10. ARS disse:

    Dear, I’ve both same questions with Osama&Keri. Hope you’ll release new version as soon as possible. thanks

  11. James Coletti disse:

    Seems to be a useful plugin, thank you. Latest version 1.2 begins file with PHP opening short tag <? and breaks on servers with short tags disabled. Just FYI.

  12. Let me know whether it have the facility to display a particular category in the home page only